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Chickpea & Sweet Potato Sliders

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I’ve officially watched the entire series of Arrested Development again. In two days. And even though I’ve seen it four times already, I still laugh so hard I cry at most of the episodes. But, we’ve already dedicated a post to the genius that is AD, so let’s move onto […]

Vegetarian Pho Recipe

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I know. A vegetarian pho recipe. It’s August. I get it. I think I’ve officially gone off the reservation. But, in my defense, I made this light years ago and never shared it (bad food blogger, BAD) and it was actually comfortable outside this morning. There was even a slight […]

Spaghetti with Vegetarian Meat Sauce Recipe

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Sometimes, despite your best efforts to be incredibly unique, creative and inspiring in the kitchen, you just make something familiar. Something nostalgic. A dish that brings you back to the uncomplicated, carefree days of your youth. For me? That’s spaghetti and meat sauce. I could eat this stuff everyday for the […]

Vegetarian Lettuce Wraps Recipe

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Oh do I have a deeeeeelicous recipe for your faces today! Made with crisp lettuce leaves and a to-die-for vegetarian filling, this meal was GOBBLED up in less than 5 minutes last night. Friends? Meet vegetarian lettuce wraps. I think you two will be very good friends. This dish is […]

Skinny Bitch Tuesdays: Spicy Black Bean Enchiladas Recipe

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BE SURE TO ENTER THE CANNING ESSENTIALS GIVEAWAY HERE!  HELLLOOOO!!!! (Said in my best Seinfeld voice). Happy Tuesday, y’all! (Said in my best Paula Deen voice). How goes it? I’m doing really well today. I’m excited, happy and ready to tackle what today brings me. I’m also a little bit […]

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