Before I was a blogger, a writer and a recipe creator, I was just a chubby kid who loved food.

Where it all began & why I do it.

I’m a Southern soul born in the Midwest who absolutely, head over heels, is madly in love with food. Growing up with an extremely talented cook as a mother, I often ate and LOVED the foods normal kids didn’t, like brussel sprouts and fancy cheese, for example. I remember always watching my mother dance around the kitchen as she prepared our meals and it always felt so romantic, so enchanting. Even though I didn’t always love to cook, food was always a part of me and no matter what I did, where I studied, what I was doing, I always came back to it. I guess you could call it my first, true love. My love for food hasn’t always led me to great outcomes, though. I’ve yo-yoed with my weight from a size 16 in women’s to a size double 0 to size ten and back. I’ve gained and lost more times than Oprah. I started this blog because 1) I was miserable at my job and 2) I wanted to chronicle my love for food as well as my passion for health. What started as a soley nutrition blog quickly prospered into what it is now, a mixture between low-fat, gluten-free, vegan and Weight Watchers meals as well as a daily musing on my everyday, wine soaked life. I’m constantly growing and learning in what I do, and I’m just so blessed I can call this my job!

The dramatic, “realistic” girl behind it.

In addition to this lovely blog, I’m a full time writer, recipe creator and crafter for SheKnows.com. Although much of my world revolves around food and health, there’s a lot in my life that doesn’t happen near the kitchen. So, to enlighten ya’ll on the crazy, insane, hilarious life I call MINE, I’ll share some important “about me’ factoids:

  • I love wine. Any kind, any bottle, any maker. I’m not partial. I dabble in a glass (or two) a night and can’t live without it.
  • I usually eat dessert first.
  • My second love in life is to travel. Seeing new cultures and experiencing new people, food and a way of life is the most incredible thing you can do. Period.
  • Without coffee, things can get pretty rough around here.
  • I spend entirely way too much money online shopping. My closet and kitchen cabinets can vouch for that.
  • I don’t know how I lived without my DSLR.
  • I could eat avocados, spaghetti and shredded chicken everyday for the rest of my life and be so incredibly happy, albeit malnourished.
  • I’ve been writing since age 6. It’s something I always knew I wanted to do.
  • I use humor as a coping mechanism. Just call me Liz Lemon.
  • I’m still trying to lose these last 20 pounds.
  • I believe, with everything in me, in moderation. Life’s too short to live without the occasional doughnut and jumbo slice.
  • I’m applying to culinary school this year!
  • Julia and Julie is what inspired me, beyond all else, to chase my dreams.
  • I’m sarcastic, witty, rude and sassy. Very sassy. If you don’t like it, I’m sorry. It’s just how I’m made 🙂

Get in touch.

Want to know more about me? Ask me questions? Stalk my life? I welcome all of the above! Here’s where you can find my daily musings and blabbings.
Email: claire.volkman@gmail.com
Facebook: The Realistic Nutritionist
Pinterest: Clairev13
Instagram: @wayfaringclaire

*DISCLAIMER: I am not a nutritionist, YET. Just a girl who loves healthy food and living a healthy life. Consult your doctor with any weight loss, nutrition or dietetic help first.