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The Dreaded 5 Letter Word (and Fall Winery Pics!)

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Just for the record, I am REALLY anxious about writing this post and it’s not the same anxiety I felt when writing this one about Weight Watchers or this one about my struggles with eating and drinking. This one is, if possible, harder because it makes me so vulnerable. I’m […]

Five Thangs Friday: LONG WEEKEND!

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WAHOO! It’s Friday! I swear it feels like I was just blabbing on to you guys about Wednesday and here we are 2 days later. Don’t get me wrong, I love that it’s Friday, I just wish time would slow down just a leeeetle bit, don’t you? Onward to the […]

Five Things Friday

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It’s been a few weeks since my last Five Things Friday, and to be honest, I’ve missed it! This post is a fun way for me to talk, in real time, about my life 🙂 Plus, it gives you guys an idea of what goes on in this absurd brain […]

A Fabulous Fit: Sundresses!

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Dear Summer, Thank you for deciding to grace us with your presence. It is almost May after all. So thank you for the high 80 degree weather this weekend. I know the perfect way to thank you, with a vast new sexy collection of beautiful and affordable sundresses! So to […]

Day 23: Buy for fit, not for size

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Who hasn’t felt like the woman above just once in their life? I’ve had that feeling more times than I’d like to count. I have a problem of buying clothes in the sizes I used to be/want to be and not the size I actually am. Thanks to a new […]

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