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Arugula and Balsamic Pizza

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Once upon a time, there was a girl who started a blog because she hated her day job. She was miserable doing work she knew she was over qualified for, miserable in a field she didn’t even care to understand. At this point, she wanted to be a nutritionist so […]

Chicken Curry Pizza

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This chicken curry flavor is packed with Southeast Asian flavors and will instantly be a new favorite pie in your house! Charleston vacation “hangovers” are the worst. Even if all of my work is done and I had an amazing time, I always wake up with an anxious pit in […]

Swiss Chard, Salami & Ricotta Pizza

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This swiss chard, salami and ricotta pizza will turn your normal pizza night into an extraordinary one! No matter what you do for a living, Mondays are never easy, especially if you have a great weekend. Instead of snoozing past 7am, you have to wake up, shower, answer emails, go […]

Easy Sausage Pita Pizza

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This easy sausage pita pizza is the perfect lunch or after-school snack! In two days, I’m going to be hopping on a plane, flying for over 24 hours, to Singapore. In two days, I’ll be saying goodbye to my husband and dog for 16 days. In two days, I’m going […]

Super Cheesy Pepperoni Pizza

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Oh I love snow days! My husband and I have been talking lately about moving to a warm, sunny place when our lease is up (in September) and as alluring as a quick trip to the beach or 70 degree winters is, I’ll admit, I would really miss the snow. […]

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