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Eat Skinny: Spicy Tofu Parmesan [& Some Exciting News!]

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Hi guys! Got a short and sweet little tofu Parmesan recipe for y’all today since I’ve got quite a full agenda (shocking news there, right?) How was your weekend? Mine was good, a little busy. Had to finish up some work yesterday. But I mean, I can’t complain. This is what my […]

Five Things Friday

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It’s been a few weeks since my last Five Things Friday, and to be honest, I’ve missed it! This post is a fun way for me to talk, in real time, about my life 🙂 Plus, it gives you guys an idea of what goes on in this absurd brain […]


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It’s WEDNESSSSDAYY! (said in my strongest, best radio voice). I can’t believe it’s already been 3 days since the Healthy Living Summit. I swear, it feels like I was JUST in Philly walking to the Rocky Steps. But alas, I’m here in DC, sitting at my computer. But DC isn’t […]

HLS Day 2: Holy Quinoa, Batman! Plus the 4 Things I Learned That Changed Me

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So, before we begin round two of the conference recaps, I have to admit a shameful confession. Until Friday, I’d never had quinoa. I’d heard about, read about it and thought about it but never actually tasted it. However, after my first forkful of red pepper roasted quinoa, I was […]

HLS Day 1: Frito Lay, the Mah-ket & I May Have Tried to Lick the Liberty Bell

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HI YA’LL!!! Writing this from the fabulous city of Philadelphia for the Healthy Living Summit! I’m writing this frantically because I’m, of course, running late for the breakfast and kick-off. So if you see about ten thousand ! marks and run off sentences, you know why. Hope you still like […]

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