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Eat Skinny: Chobani Mac N’ Cheese

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Happy Monday friends and fans! Hope your weekend was great and all the mom’s (and moms to be) had a perfect day yesterday! Unlike today in the DC area, the weather was perfect! My weekend was great (although I’m kicking myself for not getting more done yesterday). One of the […]

Eat Skinny: Goat Cheese Spinach & Artichoke Dip Recipe

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Whew. What a weekend. Actually, scratch that, what a MONTH. 3 weekends, 3 different states, it’s been a travel HEAVY April. I’m not mad about it, I’ve made some great memories. But I will say it’s very nice to be back home! I’m still in the process of editing all […]

Eat Skinny: Chobani Blood Orange Frozen Yogurt

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Oh hey, guys! It’s me, the long lost blogger who used to post here daily. I don’t blame you if you’veĀ forgottenĀ about me, however, I do hope this delicious recipe I’m sharing with you today will get you hooked again! And I promise to never leave you again! Deal? Now, before […]

Eat Skinny: Salmon & Lemon Chive Crostini Recipe

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This weekend went by TOO fast. And while we’re at it, this whole year did! As you know, I celebrated my one year wedding anniversary this past weekend and it’s just amazing how fast time flies. Before I divulge into that, I have to share a photo today’s sexy salmon […]

Eat Skinny Be Skinny: Fresh Chick Pea Salad Recipe

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I apologize in advance if this post is really short and not full of the usual Claire banter, wit or humor. As I write this, my eyes are crossing due to exhaustion. My darling cousin (who was the MOH at my wedding) surprised me with a trip out here on […]

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