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Can you believe it’s Top Chef finale time? Ohmygoshhh I can not. First of all, that means it’s almost March and I just can’t…Wasn’t it just Christmas? Time? Is that you? SLOW DOWN PALEEZ. I may not be stoked with how fast time is flying by, but I’m really psyched for part 1 of the Top Chef finale! The second finale is on February 27 @ 10/9 c on Bravo so don’t miss it!


So, what do y’all think of the two finalists, Brooke and Sheldon? If I had to pick one of them, I’d pick Brooke, for a few reasons.

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To begin with, she’s a better chef. Despite being on top of almost every single challenge, her food just seems more balanced. (Not to mention, she never screwed up tempura, TWICE). A few of my favorite dishes of hers include:


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  • Last week’s braised chicken and quail. I’m ADDICTED to braised chicken and it honestly looked so rich and flavorful. The meat just looked fall off the bone tender and I was literally salivating watching the episode. 


[Image via Bravo]

  • Her sockeye salmon with the seafood broth on the episode two weeks ago. The sauce looked SO full of flavor and I’m utterly addicted to sourdough bread. As in, I could eat a loaf of it every single day without avail. That paired with perfectly cooked salmon is like heaven in my book.

So, I like Brooke, but guess what? I don’t think she should WIN the show overall. I know, I just threw you for a loop. Between her and Sheldon? Yes, she’s the clear winner. But between her and Kristin, the person I’m SURE is coming back from Last Chance Kitchen, Kristin should win.

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I know I said I didn’t love Kristin before, but she’s an amazing chef. I think she’s got more talent than Brooke and should win. My favorite dish of the entire season was made by Kristin. Can you guess what it is?


[Image via Reality Nation]

  • Her poached chicken breast with miso and herbs. When you poach a chicken breast, it comes out SO moist. I’ve tried, and failed, twice so I’m in awe of anyone who can do that. Plus, the sauce looked good enough to drink. I’m also a simple girl who just loves comfort food, so this really spoke to me.

Including my favorite dish, Kristin also has my FAVORITE quote from the entire season, which was said during restaurant wars.

“I’d rather have a dishwasher cooking than Josie.”

And at that point she really won my heart. Because as you can read in this post, I DESPISE JOSIE. So anyway, enough about me, who do you guys think should wine? And why? Share your thoughts with me in the comment section!

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  1. Posted by Pam on
    Wednesday, February 27th, 2013
    Kristen is on the money make me proud girl