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My #TopChef Finale Pick

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Can you believe it’s Top Chef finale time? Ohmygoshhh I can not. First of all, that means it’s almost March and I just can’t…Wasn’t it just Christmas? Time? Is that you? SLOW DOWN PALEEZ. I may not be stoked with how fast time is flying by, but I’m really psyched […]

Top Chef Fried Chicken Recap

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Okay, finally caught up on my Top Chef! And omg I have so many things to talk about. Let’s start with Restaurant Wars. Beginning with Sheldon. I love him. He’s just a big ball of happiness. I don’t see how anyone could be sad, mad or angry working with him. I […]

Top Chef Food & Wine Giveaway

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I am SO addicted to reality cooking competitions. And this month I am glued to Bravo’s Top Chef. Who Stays? Who Goes? You Decide! And I don’t just WATCH this show, guys. I pretend I’m on it. I act like a contestant and interact with the TV. Like it’s problematic. […]