Top Chef Fried Chicken Recap

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Okay, finally caught up on my Top Chef! And omg I have so many things to talk about.

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Let’s start with Restaurant Wars. Beginning with Sheldon. I love him. He’s just a big ball of happiness. I don’t see how anyone could be sad, mad or angry working with him. I don’t fully forgive him for screwing up the tempura in the roller derby episode, but I can forget. His dishes looked amazing. So did Josh’s! That egg? I would have eaten that in a heartbeat (and I know of that infamous egg dish they were basing it on, yuck!) I think Stefan bombed the service, but I wasn’t surprised by that. He’s cocky and full of himself, he’s a dick no matter what. Okay, now onto the girls.

Let me preface this by saying I don’t LOVE Kristen. I think she’s a very talented chef, but she seems sort of stuck up to me. She thinks she’s better than everyone else or something. Which, I get, you’re good and have been on top, but still. I just…don’t like that kind of attitude. However, she SHOULD NOT have gone home. I know it was her restaurant, her vision, her idea, but at the same time, Josie screwed up the dish. Once again. I will say again though that the concept was whack. If you’re going to do deconstructed French food, do it. Don’t just remake the same dishes but on a different scale. French food is typically always the same, why not add some of your heritage to it and make it a fusion? I’m glad the judges saw this too.

Okay, moving on to last night’s episode. The elimination challenge was simple, make a damn good piece of fried chicken. Didn’t see it? Watch the episode here. Also, stop reading below because I have a major (SPOILER ALERT!) Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Bravo.

Preview Clip: Episode 12

Okay, so last night. I’ll begin with the quick fire. Josh, I like you, but eggs and bacon with rice? Ew. Stefan? Congrats. You’re cocky but you deserved that. Your sushi looked BOMB! Moving onto the elimination challenge, the fried chicken. I would have loved to be sitting at that table last night. Probably the most fun I’ve ever seen the judges have!


Image via Bravo

Can I just stop, scream of happiness, and then go on because JOSIE FINALLY GOT THE BOOT? I’ve never been more happy to see anyone go than her. She’s awful. Her voice, her laugh, her not good food. I mean, she’s been on the bottom since she came back, why on earth did she stick around this long? I mean, seriously? I saw a tweet last night that was like “Is Josie blackmailing Padma? Is that how she’s stayed on so long?” I couldn’t agree more. Putting my thoughts of her to the side and just judging on the dish, that wasn’t traditional Southern fried chicken. You live in Miami. Hunny, you don’t know anything about fried chicken.

This? This is southern fried chicken.


Super crispy, super moist and served with butter on a waffle. That is what the chefs wanted, dear Josie. And now that’s all I want to eat! Moving on, I definitely think Josh deserved the win. His recipe looked amazing and I love that he did a buffalo twist to it making it his own. Fried chicken is one of the easiest things to make and one of the easiest things to mess up. So, I totally see how so many chefs failed at that. And I’m not even going to talk about Brooke. I love Brooke but that chicken was an atrocity.


Photo via Bravo.

Anyone super excited for next week? They are going on an Alaskan cruise and the super hunky Curtis Stone joins as a guest judge. I’m not lying when I say that’s probably a main reason I’m going to tune in (besides loving the show). That man is SEXY!

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  1. Thursday, January 24th, 2013
    That chicken... holy moly! Looks so delicious! Great recap of Top Chef... I think you just about convinced me that I need to start watching!
  2. Posted by Jessica Trimble on
    Friday, January 25th, 2013
    Josie. I just... I can't talk about her. She's awful. Horrible. I cannot BELIEVE she was on for that long. The judges KNEW they effed up last week and I honestly think they would have sent Josie home for anything this week just to make up for it.

    Also -- Curtis Stone: YUMMM