My Goals & Promises: Only 2 weeks late

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I’ve been writing this post since the New Year so I should get some points for not completely giving up on it, right? Truth be told, I’ve been holding off on hitting publish because I didn’t want to rush to post something just because everyone else did. I wanted to actually sound genuine. Not saying that every post titled “resolutions or goals” that was published on January 1st is a phony, not saying that at all, I just wasn’t sure what my goals were and I didn’t want to say a bunch of BS just to be timely.

Yay me?

Goals for me are hard. Not because I’m not driven or ambitious or excited, because I’m scared sh**less I’m not going to follow through with them. I’ve set so many goals in the past that I haven’t accomplished and accepting that you failed at something is hard and emotional. But, I know goals give us something to measure our successes and push us, so I knew I needed to set some. Here are my GOALS for 2012:

  • Complete a 10k
  • Lose these last 20 pounds
  • Finish my novel
  • Pay off my debt & save
Looking at these, I’m confident I can accomplish them. They are all within my reach right now and I know I can do them. But in addition to setting goals, I need to make some promises to myself that, in the chance life happens and I don’t reach every one of them, that that is okay. I’m still a good person, I’m still a strong person and I’m still worthy of trying. So below are my promises to myself, when the going gets rough. Which is sure to happen, it’s a crazy thing called life after-all.

1. Take More Chances

Like, eat octopus, for example. I’m by no means timid, but I’m also not what you call fearless. I shy away from things that are really challenging, really scary and stick to what I know, both in real life and in the kitchen. When I was looking through my Italy photos, I saw the caption under this photo, written shortly after I got back home. “EWWW. Octopus!” Have I ever tried it? No. How would I know? I want to take a chance with things I’m scared of and things that aren’t normal. I want to eat octopus, bull testicles and pork belly. Will I like them? Who knows. But I can’t well say something is gross, or boring, if I haven’t tried it. I also can’t say I won’t like something (like traveling to a third world country) if I haven’t done it. So, I need to take more chances, be braver and do things that scare me. Because isn’t that what life is about, anyway?

2. Be the Best ME

In all facets of my life. I need to be the best me by allowing myself to relax once in a while, by pushing myself to climb the highest mountain or run a long race and indulge every now and then by having drinks and fried fatty food with friends. I’m not very good at balancing the different parts of me. I feel like if I’m relaxing, I’m being lazy. Or if I’m working out, I’m not doing ENOUGH. I’m not pushing myself hard enough. Or if I’m drinking and eating a hamburger, I feel like I’m not structured enough. I need to learn that I’m never going to be perfect and that has to be okay. I need to learn to be the best ME, not the best, period. I compare myself to others constantly and it’s exhausting. I’m never good enough. So instead of comparing myself to others who have done more, I’m going to push myself to do what I can do to be the best I can be. We put so much pressure on ourselves to be perfect when the most important thing is just to be the perfect YOU.

3. Not be so hard on myself

I haven’t looked like THAT in over 2 years. And I beat myself up for that every single day. Every time I look in the mirror I judge myself. “You look awful.” “Wow, you are fat.” These thoughts pass through my head with every passing glance, every too tight pair of jeans and every time I’ve had to put on a hoodie to cover the less than toned stomach of mine. I’m so hard on myself that sometimes it’s unbearable to even be me. I’m not happy at this weight and I know some “tough love” is what I need to motivate myself. But at the same time, I need to learn to not be so hard on myself for gaining weight. So many factors go into gaining weight, things I could control and things I couldn’t. I was so unhappy for 2 years at a job I hated, and I gained weight because of it. Not because I was lazy, unmotivated or too busy drinking, I was so miserable I couldn’t even get myself to get out of bed sometimes. Life happens and I need to learn to let myself have a few slip-ups and just move on.

Same goes for the kitchen. If a recipe fails, I break down in tears and begin to question my ability as a cook and a recipe creator. I don’t think “hey, it happens, you aren’t perfect and sometimes recipes fail” I think “you are never going to make it as a chef and you are absolutely horrible.” Healthy, right? I’m not perfect, no one else. Not even you, Giada. So I need to learn to relax when something doesn’t turn out and understand that it does happen to everyone. Even the best chefs fail.

Accomplishing my goals and following through with my promises won’t be easy, but I know I can do it. Especially with the help of you guys. Thank you all again for your incredible words of wisdom and advice!

What are your 2012 goals? More importantly, what are your promises to yourself as you work to accomplish them?

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  1. Posted by Alicia on
    Thursday, January 12th, 2012
    You are so cute! And cheers to you for being so honest. Perfect is awkward anyway, no one likes the perfect girl. I tell myself I am gross a lot too, I should probably stop!
  2. Posted by Kelly on
    Thursday, January 12th, 2012
    These are fantastic and I know you can accomplish them!  You look beautiful NOW regardless, but I know how it feels to compare yourself to what you used to look like (btw I have that same dress in that photo haha)  I have some of the same goals and already have 1. opened a savings account with ING, 2. just started Weight Watchers and 3. signed up for my first 15k!  Oh and I cleaned my entire house top to bottom, I already feel better :)  You can do it Claire and I'll run a 10k with you!!!
  3. Posted by Icancookthat on
    Thursday, January 12th, 2012
    What great goals. I know you'll be able to accomplish them and can't wait to see your journey this year in completing them!
  4. Posted by Lizzy Do on
    Thursday, January 12th, 2012
    Excellent goals!!! You can definitely master them all!  And just come to your blog fans when you don't think you can cook or that you don't look good...b/c you CAN cook and you look FABULOUS!!!! Oh, to be so young and pretty!!!  My goal is not to be on the computer so much!!!!
  5. Posted by Eliot on
    Thursday, January 12th, 2012
    Good luck on your goals.   I am right there with you on them all (that is except the octopus part!)
  6. Posted by Baking Serendipity on
    Thursday, January 12th, 2012
    I love your goals! My goal is to find more balance in my life. I take too much work home and worry too much about pleasing people. It's time to focus on me :) 
  7. Posted by Kiri W. on
    Thursday, January 12th, 2012
    I can totally relate - I get incredibly disgusted with myself for things I think are perfectly fine on others. I am a control freak, and I seriously need to work on accepting myself while working towards my goals in a reasonable fashion. Good luck with all your goals! :)
  8. Posted by Ann Mc on
    Thursday, January 12th, 2012
    It sounds like you have some terrific goals - and you should most definitely give yourself a break - recipes or weight....YOU are awesome!  
  9. Posted by Jessica Lynn on
    Thursday, January 12th, 2012
    Haha i just took a picture of octopus at the market out here...I'm giving myself two more years before I'll try it, though :) I hope not being too hard on yourself works out for you—being frustrated all the time isn't fun.
  10. Posted by Katelyn Buress on
    Friday, January 13th, 2012
    Thanks for your honesty here. I think that really came through in the blog and I wish you the best of luck.  I have always been unhappy with my weight and in 2011 I set forth to try and do something about it.  I ran my first 10K last year AND lost 55 lbs.  I'm still going this year and wish you the best of luck.  I look forward to reading about your journey.  I blogged my goals here:

    Weight Watchers worked for me in the weight loss arena and finding a really fun 10K to do was helpful as well.  Good luck!
  11. Friday, January 13th, 2012
    Those are some awesome goals! You can totally do it. #3 was my goal for the year "Don't be so hard on myself." We gotta check in on each other in a few months and see how we are doing :)
  12. Posted by Bridget O'Brien on
    Sunday, January 15th, 2012
    Love your goals and I can really relate. I totally understand the learning to relax goal (huge ball of nervous energy over here) and how hating your job affects everything else. I finally quit first of the year and I  am back working from home. My stress has vanished and my hand has been seeing less and less of the inside of a cookie jar. Or ice cream container. Or bag of kettle chips.

    I think it's a quarter life crisis thing--this whole figuring out "WTF am I doing with my life!" or the "Look what everyone else is doing with their life! I'm so behind!" I've found wine and yoga (sometimes consumed and practicing at the same time) helps! :)

  13. Posted by Stephanie @ Eat. Drink. Love. on
    Sunday, January 15th, 2012
     l love these goals!! I especially love the goal about loving and being the best you! I need to do the same!
  14. Posted by Julie on
    Monday, January 16th, 2012
    I have recipe disasters all the time in the kitchen!  Some that even my dog won't eat.....  I love your goals - especially the take more risks.  I'm afraid of risks and think I'm going to add this one to my list of goals for 2012.  Good Luck!