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My Goals & Promises: Only 2 weeks late

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[source] I’ve been writing this post since the New Year so I should get some points for not completely giving up on it, right? Truth be told, I’ve been holding off on hitting publish because I didn’t want to rush to post something just because everyone else did. I wanted […]

Weekend Wrap Up & Fabulous Foodie Gifts!

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Hi folks! My poor blog has been seriously neglected over the holiday. It’s like when you leave stuff in the fridge over a long weekend and come back to find it wilted, rotten and just, well, pathetic. I’m sorry bloggy and bloggy friends for leaving you alone for so very […]

A Magnificently Fabulous Perfect Kitchen Giveaway

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Note: This content is open to all US citizens and Canadian citizens. Unfortunately I can not ship internationally at this time. With a title like that, how the heck can you turn away? I’ve been teasing you about this giveaway for about a week (and luring you to like me, […]

HLS Day 2: Holy Quinoa, Batman! Plus the 4 Things I Learned That Changed Me

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So, before we begin round two of the conference recaps, I have to admit a shameful confession. Until Friday, I’d never had quinoa. I’d heard about, read about it and thought about it but never actually tasted it. However, after my first forkful of red pepper roasted quinoa, I was […]


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TGIF!! This is my “TGIF” face. And my “I’M ON A BOAT” face. This may just be me, but the sun is always brighter, the sky is always bluer and my coffee is always tastier on Fridays. On Friday’s, I become the commuter everyone hates because I can’t stop smiling or […]

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