My Realistic Life

I’m not perfect

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If you want pretty pictures, smiling faces and delicious recipes, well, come back tomorrow. If you want a real post about life, blogging and trying to find a balance, well, hello! Guys, I’m completely exhausted in all senses of the word. Not only am I completely jet-lagged, but I’ve been […]

Professional photo shoot

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Hi again friends! I know, it’s 3:45 pm on a Friday, what the heck. But, I just got back some of the professional photos I had done for my blog/work and I’m just too excited not to share them. My incredible friend Richard, who also did my wedding photos and […]

Jamaica on my brain

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Hi friends! How are y’all doing on this bright and sunny (well, in DC anyway) Monday? I’m in a state of mass disorientation and┬áconfusion, which, is to be expected given this was my view yesterday and is not, in fact, the one I woke up to this morning. I don’t […]

Cyber Envy: My Food Blogger’s Perspective

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Happy Tuesday, folks! Today’s been a so-so day thus far, but a lot of that has to do with what I’m hear to chat about y’all with! Plus, it’s Tuesday. I don’t feel as strong distaste for Tuesday as I do for Monday, but it’s certainly not a favorite. I […]

A few of my favorite things: June edition

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“I simply remember my favorite things, and then I don’t feeeeeeeeeeeeel, soooooo baddddd!” I mean, come on, that song has to make you smile just a leeetle bit! Right? No? Well how about this face? That should instantly melt your cold, cold heart. Another thing that always perks up my […]

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