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How to Deal When Your Recipe Fails

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Before we begin, a little shameless self promotion. My first article on Skinny Benes is live on the amazing website She Knows. I’d love your feedback so check it out! I love food blogging. I do. It’s one of my FAVORITE┬áparts of every day. I love editing photos, finding new […]

7 Links

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I’m sort of excited to tackle this 7 links challenge! First off, thank you Gretchen for nominating me to do this! I’ve never been nominated to write a post so this feels special! Like Gretchen said, it’s MUCH harder to do than you think, but here’s my honest college try! […]

Weekend Recap: Harry Potter, Dave Foley and a New Couch!

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Happy Monday ya’ll! How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was INCREDIBLE. On Friday, we saw HP7 part 2 which was fantastic. The only downfall? I was sitting next to a certifiable woman who would not SHUT THE F UP. At all. She literally would not stop talking to the screen and […]

My Realistic Life: A New Start

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Happy Thursday friends! I honestly can not believe how fast this week, THIS SUMMER, has flown by. It’s already the middle of July! Back to school commercials are taking over the air waves and fall clothes are already popping up in all of the big department stores. As much as […]

My Realistic Life: The Pros and Cons of Unemployment

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Let me first preface this by saying I know how lucky I am. I know I’m blessed to have any amazing husband, the cutest puppy in the world & the best family and friends a girl could ask for. I know this. And I’m grateful for that. But at this […]

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