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WIEW: Tis the Season?

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I guess it’s time to whip this bad boy outta storage? So, whether you are ready or not, it’s the holiday season. Christmas commercials are now interrupting my favorite shows, grocery stores are stocked up on turkeys, cranberry relish and dinner rolls, department stores are decked out in lights and trees […]

Eat Skinny Be Skinny: Low Fat Apple Cake & Food Day!

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Did y’all know that it’s Food Day today? Food Day is a day geared towards inspiring people to “eat real food” that is affordable, healthy and made in a sustainable way. Talk about my perfect day, right? This cake recipe couldn’t have come at a better time because it’s made with […]

Eat Skinny Be Skinny Recipes: Spin Dip Surprise

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One of my favorite indulgences, EVER, in the entire world is spinach and artichoke dip. I could drink this stuff, really, it’s gross. No matter where we go for dinner, if there’s spin dip (that’s what we call spinach artichoke dip, in the biz) I’ll order it. Seriously. I don’t […]

WIWIWEW aka What I Wish I Was Eating Wednesday

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 Guys, I’ve had such an exciting morning at work. The day started REALLY crappy with a crazy downpour, a little snip with my hubby, dirt somehow getting on my dress and me spilling all over myself (coffee). However, it quickly perked up. I got to do something REALLY freakin’ cool […]

Eat Skinny Be Skinny: 42 Calorie Pumpkin Cookies

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No, I’m not lying friends or playing tricks on you. Each one of these fabulous pumpkin cookies has a mere 42 calories. I know, mind boggling. And no to your next question, they don’t taste like cardboard, chalk or a foot! In fact, they are really good (albeit a bit chewy) and very flavorful. There’s just […]

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