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A New Beginning

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I’ve never been good handling my emotions. Which is rather funny given the fact that I’m an overly emotional person. At any given time I’m feeling 15 different & clashing emotions and am always trying to figure out just how to get through an average day. Despite this, I don’t […]

The Reason

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I’m an “everything happens for a reason” believer. And after everything that’s happened this month, I know that’s probably a little hard to believe. But despite the fire, the insurance fights and the trauma, I still found myself searching for the reason behind it. The reason we were chosen to […]

A Lesson on Living in the Moment

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Whew! What a whirlwind week this has been, for both┬ámy personal life and my professional. I need to first thank you all for being awesome people, reading everyday and just being here for me. My virtual community has really become such a strong part of who I am and I […]