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Goat Cheese, Cranberry & Basil Steak Roll Ups

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Looking for an easy, gluten-free New Years app? Whip up these delicious goat cheese, cranberry & basil steak roll ups!  Happy New Years Eve Eve! Do you have any big plans for ringing in 2016? This girl does – BIG ones. Well, not Times Square ball drop big, but big […]

Tuna & Kale Pasta Salad

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Labor day always comes so quickly, don’t you think? The months leading up to Memorial Day always seem SO slow, they just inch by as we anxiously await the kick off of summer. Then it seems labor day just appears out of nowhere, the weekend that really “ends” summer, just […]

Prosciutto & Asparagus Canapés

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If I could hang out with my Mom this Mother’s Day, these prosciutto & asparagus canapés would definitely be on our menu for the day. Like my mom, they aren’t complicated or flashy. They are fun, pretty, slightly fancy. They are full of colorful layers, each with their own complexity of […]

Mini Savory Onion Cheesecakes

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So, who else isn’t ready at all for the Super Bowl and would rather rewatch all of Downton Abbey with wine? *Raises hand shamefully.* I must admit, I’m not a huge football girl. I used to be and then I found that I much prefer to watch dramatic soaps and […]

Whole Wheat Rum Raisin Pancakes (& a Giveaway!)

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I’m having one of those long forgotten perfect Saturday mornings. I woke up with a puppy sneezing in my face (it’s cuter when he looks like this). No alarms, horns or nagging husband shrugs, just a cute little puppy eager to start his day (of sleeping). I made my favorite […]

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