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Eat Skinny: Veggie Open Face Sandwich Melts Recipe

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Happy Friday! Do I have something delicious for you! I just got back into town yesterday from beautiful Monterey and the moment I looked out my window this morning, I was immediately reminded I’m back in ol’ NOVA. No more of these views for me, at least until November when […]

Eat Skinny: Salmon & Lemon Chive Crostini Recipe

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This weekend went by TOO fast. And while we’re at it, this whole year did! As you know, I celebrated my one year wedding anniversary this past weekend and it’s just amazing how fast time flies. Before I divulge into that, I have to share a photo today’s sexy salmon […]

Five Things Friday: BIRTHDAY WEEKEND!!

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Oh, hey 26 years old. I see you hiding behind that little corner there. I know you are just so anxious to jump out and engulf me. Well, not yet. Give me just a few more days of 25, mmk?  Although I’m not a big “age” person, 26 is kind […]