A Dream Getaway to Puerto Rico

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Puerto Rico, The All-Star Island for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Photo by Breezy Baldwin/Flickr.

Photo by Breezy Baldwin/Flickr.

Despite my best intentions, I haven’t traveled to the Caribbean in years. And with how crazy my last few weeks have been, a walk along the aqua blue waters, white sandy beaches and palm tree fringed coastlines of a place like Puerto Rico sounds like an absolute dream to me. With a surprising amount of vacation time piling up and some off-season discounts hitting my inbox, I think a dream vacation to this stunning US territory might come sooner than I think!

I was contacted by IZEA to write a quick little post about the beautiful island of Puerto Rico and I knew a few things would come from it. 1). I’d probably end up booking a trip to San Juan when I was finished. 2). My wanderlust would be in extreme overdrive and 3). I’d fall even more in love with the quirky culture, multi-colored buildings and bustling personality of this unique island. Without the need for my passport or an agonizingly long travel day (it’s just a quick 3 – 4 hour flight from my hometown of Washington DC) makes a trip even more appealing.

Photo via VXLA/Flickr.

Photo via VXLA/Flickr.

I’m barely halfway through my post and I’ve already pulled up Expedia and Kayak to find the best travel deals. With a vacation looming in the distance, I’ve decided to put together my dream itineary to have when I escape to the 270 mile coastlines of Puerto Rico.

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I’ve done my fair share of research on this island for work, and even though I want to do everything there is to do, a gal with only a few days to spare has to be more picky with time. So after hours perusing the top travel sites for inspiration and even more time gazing at photos online, these must-haves made my list.

Photo via Cory Ryan Reigle/Flickr.

Photo via Cory Ryan Reigle/Flickr.

  1. A hike and climb through the USA’s only rainforest, El Yunque, including a dip in the forest’s many natural pools.
  2. A bike tour around the beautiful (and rather mysterious) Old City of San Juan.
  3.  A day tanning, swimming, snorkeling and diving at the renowned Flamenco Beach.
  4. A dip in the incredible Bioluminescent bays of Vieques. This has been on my bucket list for almost 15 years!
  5. Watching the sunset while sipping on an authentic Puerto Rican rum cocktail (like a pina colada or a Cuba libre).
  6. A few meals in the trendy SoFo distrcit of San Juan. My mouth is already watering at the thought of some Green Sofrito or a big plate of stick-to-your-guts rice and beans.
Via Jorge Gonzalez.

Via Jorge Gonzalez.

In addition to these exciting activities, I’m going to carve out plenty of time to enjoy the five-star accommodations around the island, from hotels to top-rated spas to incredible restaurants. To be honest, it’s taking everything in me to not just book my flight right now and pack my bags as soon as I get home. (Check back with me later today, I might just be on an airplane to San Juan!)

Live your own 5-star vacation story in Puerto Rico.

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