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The Enchanting, Majestic Scotland

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As I sit here, hands on the keys ready to pour my soul into this post about Scotland, nothing comes to mind. Not because I didn’t learn or experience anything there, but because no matter what I say and how I say it, I will never do this majestic place […]

Jamaica on my brain

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Hi friends! How are y’all doing on this bright and sunny (well, in DC anyway) Monday? I’m in a state of mass disorientation and┬áconfusion, which, is to be expected given this was my view yesterday and is not, in fact, the one I woke up to this morning. I don’t […]

Day 10: Plan my boyfriend's birthday

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So i wrote an amazingly emotional, very beautiful post yesterday about my 10th day and surprise, my computer just turned off. Not even a little “hey, I’m dying, give me a charge” or the ever popular “your computer is completing an illegal operation and needs to abort.” It just stopped. […]