Halloween Recipe Roundup

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GUYS! Halloween! It’s in 3 days! How excited are you?


On a scale from 1 – 10, I’m currently at a 140. Primarily because I’m spending Halloween in Mexico this year which means I get to partake in Day of Dead festivities! That’s definitely being crossed off my bucket list. Since I won’t be in the US, I had to soak up as much American Halloween as I possibly could these past few days. Which means horror movie marathons, eating candy and making as many cute and creepy edible snacks as possible. I don’t think Halloween is complete unless you have deviled eggs shaped like bloody eyeballs, am I right?

To help get you in the spooky Halloween mood (and give you fun things to keep your kids entertained), I’ve rounded up my favorite Halloween snacks! Just looking at them makes me smile (and feel a little queasy at the same time).


These spooky snacks, soups and appetizers are a great way to liven up any Halloween party. I mean, how stinkin’ cute are those boo-nanas?



The inner child in me is DYING over these fantastic Halloween entrees, especially that ghost pizza. I mean, mozzarella ghosts, I DIE. Your kids (or husbands who act like kids) will also love the fun meatloaf mummy, if they don’t mind eating something that’s staring at them mid-fork, that is.



When I’m baking Halloween inspired cookies, this is when I let my inner mad scientist come out. This is when I stop giving a s*** and really let my creative juices flow. I mean, when else can I turn mini donuts into eyeballs or create a cupcake that looks like an oozy brain? Or even better, pipe little ghosts on a bright orange cake? OR create cookies that look like fingers and then arrange them in tons of jelly so they look bloody and oh so severed? I’m really a 5 year old trapped in a 27 year olds body, so these desserts really reflect that. Your family, kids and friends will LOVE them.

Halloween desserts


I know, you’re shocked. A boozy milkshake, WHO KNEW? I really had no idea how I was going to stage this one, so I just drizzled some red icing gel in the mug and poured my luscious boozy shake over it. The end result was the gorgeous gradient “blood” look you get. I added two little lines to look like vampire bites, of course. These drinks are a fun way to get your booze on this Halloween!


Looking at these all over again make me REALLY want to throw a huge party and feature all of these fun concoctions. Eh, maybe next year 🙂 Happy haunting my friends!

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  1. Wednesday, October 30th, 2013
    How fun! Enjoy Mexico, that will be a blast on Halloween! And thanks for all these delicious, creative ideas for Halloween goodies!
  2. Friday, November 1st, 2013
    Have an amazing time in Mexico! I can't wait to read all about it :)