Days 28-30

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Excuse my French here, but where the hell did January go? Wasn’t it just New Years? I can’t believe how fast this year is already going. [Not fast enough when I’m stuck in a cast…but fast none the less]. Although I’m really excited for what February has to offer, I don’t think I’m ready either! So for now, until I’m all caught up on my internet journal, I’ll happily pretend it’s still January, at least for now.

Day 28-29: Establish a budget [and share it with Elliot!]

Apparently, we are in some sort of “recession” here in America. However, after just one shopping day with me, you will leave thinking our economy has never been in better shape. I’ll be the first to admit I have a problem, but I’m the last one who will do anything to fix it. I like love spending money, so much in fact, I never have any left. Which is where Bank of Elliot comes in to save me. Well, after a particular serious shopping binge, Bank of Elliot shut its doors, and politely demanded I pay back my loans. [Which were pretty high, I hate to admit.] So the CEO of bank of E sat me down and forced me to outline a real budget, one I could stick to that actually fit into the kind of life I want to live. [Who wants to be a recluse just to pinch a few pennies?] Well, this wasn’t easyand it took a solid two days for us to get something I could follow, but the result is great, and actually realistic. It’s sad when my bills equal half of my monthly salary, though! So what does this budget look like? See the pretty, fancy pie chart below!



Pie charts are incredibly helpful to me because I need that visual component, otherwise, it’s really just a bunch of numbers [and we all know how bad I am with math!] Although this will fluctuate a bit [if I travel, etc] it should stay fairly consistent month to month.

If you are trying to make a realistic budget and need some external guidance, visit these sites for some ways to create a healthy, realistic plan that sticks! What’s the point of making a budget if you aren’t actually going to abide by it! NO ONE wants or needs to be in more debt these days!

Day 30: Outlaw the elevator and take the stairs!

Although many of us don’t need to climb 60 flights of winding stairs everyday, taking the stairs can still be a rather daunting task, especially on your morning commute. Why exert all of your energy on the climb up when you can just hop in the elevator, press a button and be there in 60 seconds flat? Well, simple. you can count it as a workout! To put it in perspective, the average man will use about 150 calories in 10 minutes of stair climbing or about the amount used in a 20 minute brisk walk!  Another great thing about the stairs is that they are EVERYWHERE. Really, everywhere, but rarely are they thought of as an actual place to start your workout.  So next time you are thinking of the elevator, take the stairs! Stair climbing burns as many calories as moderate jogging, but gives you a better burn because of the vertical component. [you can burn upwards of 500 calories an hour!] So today, waltz right pass that elevator to the stairwell and climb your way to a better body! Trust me, after just a week of climbing up the Dupont stairs, my ass already feels tighter!

Sure beats a treadmill!

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