10 Amazing Cookies for Christmas

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Oh hi Christmas, didn’t see you there! As ready as I am for you, I’m still shocked you’re already HERE. I will say though, I’ve been dreaming of you since November and have been humming your popular songs, decorating your tree and wrapping your presents all month long. You’ve been […]

Maple Cutting Board Giveaway

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You know what I haven’t done in a long time? A giveaway. Which is both sad and depressing since giving away free things to the people I adore is what makes me happy. This reason is precisely way I’m hosting the world’s best giveaway today! My awesome friends at McClure Tables […]

A New Beginning

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I’ve never been good handling my emotions. Which is rather funny given the fact that I’m an overly emotional person. At any given time I’m feeling 15 different & clashing emotions and am always trying to figure out just how to get through an average day. Despite this, I don’t […]

Five Things Friday: Homeless Walk, Kashi, Wine & a Weigh In

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Happy Friday to my dear fans, friends and readers! I hope you all have the best weekend ever. I seriously just can’t thank you enough for all of your support, your love and your wonderful words of encouragement this week as I take such a huge leap of faith. It’s not going […]

The Best 10 Minute Workout DVD’s by Layla of Wish Fulfillment Everyday

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Layla, what do I say about Layla? Besides the fact that she is the most inspirational, strong and amazing person I know! She’s hilarious, sassy and not afraid to say what she thinks, which is why we are such good friends. I’m so happy I “met” her through Twitter because she […]

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