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Weight Watchers Here I Come: My Trials and Tribulations With Weight

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A funny picture to lure you into a very serious post. Remember this guy? So I’ve been holding off on writing this for a while, and after some serious deliberation, I’ve decided to bite the bullet and do it.  Honestly, ya’ll have no idea how nervous I was to even voice this […]

A Food Tip: Eat Your Veggies!

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No dessert… until you eat your vegetables!  [Photos via] I know, I sound like your mother/grandmother/naggy babysitter. “No dessert until you eat your veggies!” Trust me, I’ve been there, but not how you think. Unlike the rest of my peers, the veggies were often the first thing to be gone […]

A Fit Tip: Never Underestimate the Importance of Goals

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The reason for this picture is simple and represents what this post is all about, goals. One of the biggest goals I have in my life (besides to be successful and follow my dreams) is to run in AND finish a marathon (all 26.2 miles). It’s been a goal of […]

Nutrition in the News: A Big Step for Obesity Research

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Although the obesity epidemic is far from being over, there are big steps being made to the study and research of this disease. According to a press release published Monday, the University of Michigan received a $5.7 million grant to help them establish the Michigan Nutrition Obesity Research Center,which is one of […]

Days 21-23: Add some intervals to my workout

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This is how I feel I look… and this is how I want to look. How do I get from Point A to Point B? With a kick a$$ exercise regime and a healthy diet, but of course! Luckily, thanks to my pre-wedding nutrition plan, my diet is flawless nearly flawless. […]

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