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Cyber Envy: My Food Blogger’s Perspective

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Happy Tuesday, folks! Today’s been a so-so day thus far, but a lot of that has to do with what I’m hear to chat about y’all with! Plus, it’s Tuesday. I don’t feel as strong distaste for Tuesday as I do for Monday, but it’s certainly not a favorite. I […]

26: A Big Year

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It’s official, I’m 26 today! I woke up to a dreary sky, unnecessarily high temperatures and hot, misty drizzle. Not exactly the best conditions to start a birthday. Then, of course, I got on the metro and the mood plummeted. Then, I made the wise decision of looking at my […]

A Magnificently Fabulous Perfect Kitchen Giveaway

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Note: This content is open to all US citizens and Canadian citizens. Unfortunately I can not ship internationally at this time. With a title like that, how the heck can you turn away? I’ve been teasing you about this giveaway for about a week (and luring you to like me, […]

Five Things Friday: TGIF

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HELLLO WEEKEND! Oh my sweets, I am SO thrilled it’s Friday. This week has been exhausting. Um, plus, we are having a very special guest stay with us for the weekend! I’ll give you a hint. Her name rhymes with schmannon and she was one of my bridesmaids. [via Richard […]

What I Ate (and Plan on Eating!) Wednesday

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Why, happy hump day friends! I’m happy it’s Wednesday. Royal pains is on, it’s two days closer to the weekend and these days always seem to FLY by for me. I’m also happy it’s Wednesday because I’m joining in on the fun of What I Ate Wednesday! My new blogging […]

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