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Cranberry, Orange & Pistacho Eggnog Loaf with Silk Dairy Free Nog

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Eggnog is one of my favorite holiday indulgences. Sure, I love a nice plate of cookies, a perfectly cooked slice of prime rib and the festive finger foods served on New Years Eve. But to me, nothing can hold a flame to my favorite glass of nog, spiked with bourbon, […]

Light Lemon & Eggnog Pound Cupcakes

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Not sure if you’ve peeped at the calendar lately but um….I have a bit of news. CHRISTMAS IS IN 7 DAYS. Yes, that’s right, SEVEN! Siete! Sept! Yedi! (I’m not just screaming random words, that’s how you say seven in Spanish, French and Russian). As you can probably tell by […]

Light Nutella Eggnog

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Yes, it’s real. Eggnog and Nutella. Together. Intimately. Sharing the same bed. Kissing all the time. Yep. These two saucy little lovers are together at last. And you know what? After how damn delicious a glass of this tastes, I’m going to say they are going to be lovahs for […]