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A Goal for 2012 and a Giveaway!

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Oh my GAWDD, you guys. I’m running on E this week. I’m SO overwhelmed with everything going on right now. I’m pretty much working 3 full time jobs and to say I’m exhausted is a complete understatement. But, I solider on because that’s what you do. Plus, this stress is […]

Fun in the Fall: An Adventure in West Virginia

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WEST VIRGINIA, HEY HEY! Isn’t there a song that has those lyrics or something? No? I’m crazy? That’s fine. I’m totes okay with that. Whether there is a song or not, I spent my Saturday trapezing in the countryside of Harpers Ferry, WV for a spooky Living Social adventure. Honestly, the whole […]

The Dreaded 5 Letter Word (and Fall Winery Pics!)

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Just for the record, I am REALLY anxious about writing this post and it’s not the same anxiety I felt when writing this one about Weight Watchers or this one about my struggles with eating and drinking. This one is, if possible, harder because it makes me so vulnerable. I’m […]