Indulgent Thursday

Ooey Gooey Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes

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I apologize if I’m scarce this next week and a half. Our big event at work is next week and it’s GO GO GO time here! But, I promise I still love you. And I have some AMAZING, FAN-FREAKING TASTIC news to share, but I’ll hold off until after the event! I know, […]

Gluten Free Apps: Maple Bacon Wrapped Green Beans

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If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you may have noticed these updates: Although mostly everything I make is delicious (key word, mostly), this concoction completely blew my mind. Oh and E was obsessed too. He came home, looked at the plate, and shoved about 4 in his mouth. […]

Indulgent Thursday: Vanilla Funfetti Cupcakes with Pink Buttercream

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Because of my recent honeymoon weight gain, I’ve been extra diligent with my diet. So instead of having a few indulgences a week, I’ve cut my fatty foods intake to only once a week. And this past Saturday was my glorified sweets day because I had an insatiable appetite for vanilla […]