A Day in the Life

Stars can’t Shine Without a little Darkness

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So, as many of you all know, and to those who do not, this weekend was one of the worst I’ve had.¬†For one, we were moving, which sucks anyway. But two? As we were moving into our new apartment, it caught on fire. Like ON FIRE. En fuego. With 80% […]

A Wee Bit O’ News

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For those of you who don’t follow along my fabulous life on social media (omg I can’t even say that with a straight face), I wanted to share just a small, teeny, tiny, smidge of news I have. Yep, that’s a Kelly Clarkson song on the left side. No shame. […]

My #TopChef Finale Pick

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Can you believe it’s Top Chef finale time? Ohmygoshhh I can not. First of all, that means it’s almost March and I just can’t…Wasn’t it just Christmas? Time? Is that you? SLOW DOWN PALEEZ. I may not be stoked with how fast time is flying by, but I’m really psyched […]

Day of Remembrance

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Today, instead of a new recipe or a travel recap, I’m going to take today to remember those perfect, innocent children and amazing heros who were taken way too soon on Friday in Newton, Connecticut. My heart is still shattered, broken and deeply saddened that those kids will never laugh, […]

My Love Letter to Food

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In 30 seconds it hit me. I finally knew what I wanted to spend the rest of my perfectly imperfect life doing. Like the familiar ding of an oven timer or the horrific first beep of an unwelcome alarm, I was jolted to life. I’ll write. I’ll finally pursue the […]

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