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I’ve been a daydreamer for as long as I can remember. As a kid, I’d spend hours writing elaborate tales on computer paper (in crayon – of course) about princesses and dragons. I’d run around my grandparents front lawn with plastic alligators, feeding them on my grandpa’s many prized bushes and plants (much to his dismay). I’d construct these incredible elaborate tales for my Barbies and Polly Pockets, ones of love, heartbreak and even war. My imagination has always one of my best friends.


And unlike many people who lose their sense of adventure and creativity with age, mine only seems to deepen. Except now, instead of princess and dragon daydreams, mine are more realistic, with tales of running away to Paris, sunset shooting in South America or opening a restaurant in Bangkok.


I’ve spent quite a bit of time lately daydreaming – not for lack of work fulfillment or a busy schedule, mind you. For work! Both in my full-time job and for my blog, I’ve been daydreaming new recipes, putting together once-in-a-lifetime trips and new short stories. That’s why when I immediately jumped at the opportunity to collaborate with Tap Influence on discussing what my dream partnership would be, if I could choose.


I’ve worked with so many incredible brands in my 5 year stint as a food blogger and recipe creator. From KitchenAid to Bob’s Red Mill to Le Creuset, my house is decorated with amazing products and stunning props thanks to these partnerships. These are total dream-worthy brands, my friends. So thinking of one that I haven’t worked with that’s a dream was a bit harder than I thought.


That was until I got my daily email from Anthropologie. And it hit me, really. If I could pick any brand in the world to work with, it would be them. All of my fellow food bloggers can probably understand why too, of course. Their plates, bowls, napkins and measuring spoons are so incredibly beautiful, it’s almost hard to use them. Painted in elaborate detail, with flowers, animals and designs, they truly bring any food photo to life. However, my dream partnership wouldn’t be with food – it would be the perfect party spread.


Photo via Anthropologie.

I’ve long lusted after bloggers who post stunning tablescapes, and if I had my way, I’d work with Anthropologie to create the most perfect one. The plates would be mismatched, the flowers would be succulent and abundant, there would be so many rustic elements adding character to the spread – like vintage door knobs, antique napkin rings and farmhouse napkins. The glasses would be elegant with gold trims. Instead of simple lights, the room would be decorated with hundreds of bulbs, mason jar lanterns and string lights.


Photo via Wedding Party App.

If I close my eyes and envision what it would look like, it would be a beautiful mix of these.

perfect spread

Photos 1, 2, 3.

To be honest, I’ve created this stunning tablescape in my head for years, with some slight variations as I grow older. Instead the prim and proper centerpieces I used to love, this one would have messy bouquets with long stems and draping ferns. Instead of a tablecloth, I’d have a burlap runner with a lace overlay. It would be my version of Alice in Wonderlands Tea Party, without the crazed Mad Hatter of course.


Image via Want That Wedding.

Now I have this insatiable desire to spend all of my take home pay on things to bring this to life. So, don’t be surprised if you see this happening on my blog in the next few weeks. Here’s hoping my dream comes true and Anthropologie offers to sponsor it 🙂

Now I ask you, friends, fans and amazing food bloggers – what would your dream partnership be and why?

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  1. Friday, October 9th, 2015
    yes and yes to anthro. i think its every food bloggers dream to partner with them :) go girl.