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So, I have to tell you something. I don’t actually LIKE to eat yogurt on its own. I don’t wake up in the morning and crave yogurt. It’s not that I don’t love the taste, it’s more of a texture thing. It’s hard to sit down and eat cold, somewhat gooey dairy first thing. However, it’s a really healthy, protein packed way to start your day, so I know I should eat it. So, when I was chosen to review Quaker’s new Müller yogurt, I was a little excited and a little worried.

They sent an entire box of yogurt, which quickly filled up the bottom drawer of my fridge. My husband, who isn’t a fan of dairy (or it isn’t a fan of him) grabbed one of the FrutUp varities and inhaled it. “Hey, it’s good! Sort of tastes like dessert.” Was his general consensus. Well, if he likes it, I guess I should try it, right? So I grabbed one of the Müller Corners and opened it up. And SURPRISE! It had little luscious chocolate flakes to pair with your yogurt and an easy, bendable container so you can easily pour.

Even though I’m usually wary of textures, I absolutely loved the contrast of the crunchy to the soft. Same with the taste. I loved the sweet, chocolate taste of the flakes with the tangy flavor of the yogurt. Because that one went over so well, I decided to try another one. I mean, we had a whole box, I should at least try a few the day they arrive, right? So I eyed the honeyed apricot Greek corner and whipped it open.

Honey and yogurt is one of the best flavor pairings ever, in the history of the world. Plus, the honey adds a natural sweetness to the tangy, tart yogurt without the need for a ton of preservatives. I think the honey was even better than the chocolate. After eating my fill, I decided to do a bit of research on the company and found this fabulous infographic! You could put anything in an infographic and I’d happily read it. So, politicians and news people? Info-graph that shizz, and I’ll finally care a bit.

I’m probably Quaker’s number 1 fan, so I was also a little worried about reviewing their new yogurt. Luckily, I love it so Quaker and I can continue on our happy way, holding hands and singing about oats. And now yogurts! From a health perspective, Müller yogurt is made from reduced-fat, Grade A milk and is a good source of calcium and protein. Natural yogurt is healthiest on it’s own, but if you want some natural sweetness, I’d highly recommend pairing it with honey.

If you can’t decided which flavor to top your yogurt with, why not try a few? Mix and match? Because we had 12085038 cartons of yogurt to go through, I made a larger parfait one morning with honey, almonds, some sliced peaches and a sprinkling of granola.

It was amazing!

That is one thing I love about yogurt; you don’t have to eat it alone! You can pair it with other healthy ingredients for a breakfast you’ll want to jump out of bed to eat.

The lovely folks at Müller are also kind enough to let me host a giveaway here so you can try the yogurt yourself! They are giving away 10 free coupons ($15 value) to one of you lucky readers. So, go ahead and enter the fabulous prompts below! Good luck!

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As a part of the DailyBuzz Food Tastemaker program, Müller™ provided me with a stipend and product for sampling. Thoughts and opinions are my own. Learn more about Müller™ here.

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  1. Posted by Cassandre Arnould on
    Thursday, October 11th, 2012
    I love yogurt in the morning with my cereals or my oatmeal. Sometimes, after lunch, I just dip apple in vanilla greek yogurt: so goood!
  2. Posted by Melissa Thompson on
    Thursday, October 11th, 2012
    I like it as an afternoon snack, sometimes with granola!
  3. Posted by Kristina M Schnabel on
    Thursday, October 11th, 2012
    I love yogurt. I found that you can get the consistency of greek yogurt without paying the price for it by straining it through cheesecloth overnight in the fridge. :)
  4. Posted by Priscilla P on
    Thursday, October 11th, 2012
    I love eating it with honey and lots of fruit! a dash of granola never hurts either. I guess it's not a special way to eat it, but still... ^^
  5. Posted by jessica lynn on
    Thursday, October 11th, 2012
    This is the only yogurt I'll eat. I've tried different brands and flavors in America, but I decided to give it another shot out here. This was one of three brands that I picked up and I have just about every flavor on hand—I'm curious what flavors they have back in the states, because i'm going crazy over how delicious some of them are here (coffee, hazelnut, banana/kiwi, melon, etc.) SO good. I may go have some now!!
  6. Posted by Patty on
    Thursday, October 11th, 2012
    I usually just eat vanilla yogurt with granola on top. I saw these in the store this morning and almost decided to try it but didn't. Now I wish I had gone with my impulse! Maybe ill get lucky and win!
  7. Posted by Sarah H.P. on
    Thursday, October 11th, 2012
    I love to enjoy yogurt in smoothies or with some granola and fresh fruit on top!
  8. Posted by Mackenzie K on
    Thursday, October 11th, 2012
    i love blueberry, raspberry, or vanilla yogurt with honey nut granola on top. i don't mind it plain, either! sometimes, i chop apples up into tiny segments, stir in some vanilla yogurt, & sprinkle a little cinnamon on top - it is a delicious & filling snack! :)
  9. Posted by Kylie S. on
    Thursday, October 11th, 2012
    I love yogurt in smoothies or in refrigerator oatmeal. I also eat it on its own!
  10. Posted by Christy Milford on
    Thursday, October 11th, 2012
    The number one thing I ALWAYS put in my yogurt is cinnamon. Then, either maple syrup or honey. Then, ground flaxseed. Probably bananas, berries, and toasted almonds, too :)
  11. Posted by Rhea on
    Thursday, October 11th, 2012
    OMG! I'm so excited about this! I love Müller™ :) I discovered it when I lived in the UK for a few months and it was among the first things I looked for in the supermarket when I went to the US only to find out that it wasn't readily available. Now I'm psyched I can have those Corners variant again!
  12. Posted by MelodyJ on
    Friday, October 12th, 2012
    I love to just eat it out of the container or in a smoothie.

  13. Posted by Uli C on
    Friday, October 12th, 2012
    I love yogurt and can't wait to try Muller with my homemade granola!
  14. Posted by Elaine @ Cooking to Perfection on
    Friday, October 12th, 2012
    I love all Quaker products AND yogurt, so this has my name written all over it. Glad it was a pleasant surprise for you :)
  15. Posted by Moo Young Kim on
    Friday, October 12th, 2012
    Thank you for the recommendation! I'm going to look for this the next time I visit the grocery store. :)
  16. Posted by Lisa Petrillo on
    Friday, October 12th, 2012
    I like yogurt with granola!
  17. Posted by J HL on
    Friday, October 12th, 2012
    I love yogurt mixed with some pumpkin, cinnamon, and ginger ... to dip apples!
  18. Posted by Claire on
    Friday, October 12th, 2012
    I love yogurt with granola and fresh raspberries!
  19. Posted by addy on
    Friday, October 12th, 2012
    bananas in my yogurt! it adds so much sweetness
  20. Posted by Kalyn Seifer on
    Friday, October 12th, 2012
    Not a fan of yogurt either, except with mango, blueberry, or honey. And I can't eat a lot before getting sick of it, so the size looks perfect!
  21. Posted by Look Sharp Sconnie on
    Friday, October 12th, 2012
    I tried this while I was in Europe, and I fell in love. It's the perfect office treat, because it has everything you need in one convenient package. Not to mention it's dessert-worthy delicious.

  22. Posted by meredith on
    Saturday, October 13th, 2012
    I eat yogurt most days for breakfast. I love it with fresh fruit
  23. Posted by Betsy on
    Sunday, October 14th, 2012
    I eat yogurt every day, I'm curious to try this brand.
  24. Posted by Lethea B on
    Sunday, October 14th, 2012
    I love my yogurt plain or sprinkled with a few chopped walnuts!
  25. Posted by Corisa on
    Sunday, October 14th, 2012
    I love yogurt with peaches !
  26. Posted by Moe Purple on
    Sunday, October 14th, 2012
    I want this so bad.
  27. Posted by Sarah Ochocki on
    Sunday, October 14th, 2012
    I absolutely love vanilla yogurt with raspberries and granola.
  28. Posted by Julie A Scott Laws on
    Tuesday, October 16th, 2012
    I like my yogurt with strawberries in it thanks
  29. Posted by Sophia on
    Sunday, October 21st, 2012
    I'm from the UK originally and have really missed Muller since moving to the US 2 years ago. I'm on the West Coast so I hope they start stocking it here soon :). I also hope they keep to the original recipe, don't sweeten it up, and make Mullerlight available (its my favourite in the range and is great for weight watchers!).