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Hi friends! Happy Friday! I am so very excited to introduce two of my very favorite blogging ladies ever, who also happen to be featured sponsors for this month, Kelly and Jennifer!

I feel like my first sponsor needs no introduction because there’s a pretty good chance you’ve heard of her.

That little lady on the left of me is none other than Kelly from Eat Yourself Skinny! Kelly has quickly become not only an amazing blog friend, but an incredible friend in real life too. We talk every single day on gchat, and she’s always there to support me, talk me off the ledge and just make me laugh. She’s such an amazing and talented girl and I’m so blessed I can call her my friend! I can’t wait until we see each other again for wine and gossip, girl! Guys, if you haven’t already, check out her blog, Eat Yourself Skinny!  You can also catch Kelly on Facebook here and Twitter here!

In addition to being sweet as pie, Kelly can definitely hold her own in the kitchen! Below are two of my favorite dishes from her blog that you need to make and try immediately! Trust me, they are so good and so good for you!

Cherry peach sangria,  how perfect would this drink be for summer? Not to mention, it’s absolutely beautiful! Find the recipe here! 

Lemon chick pea salad, perfect for hot summer days and BBQs! Find the recipe here!


If you love Kelly’s blog, you’re going to also love Jennifer’s, Peanut Butter and Peppers!

Jennifer’s blog is all about finding a healthy balance between amazing food and healthy food! Her recipes span from sweet to savory (including an amazing chocolate cherry cake I know I have to try) and she’s always finding innovative ways to lighten up her favorite foods so they don’t weigh you down. I’ve been a fan of Jennifer for a while and I’m so happy to have her as a sponsor this month! Be sure to check out her amazing fare and read about her weight loss story, it’ll inspire you!

Be sure to check out Jennifer at Peanut Butter and Pepper’s here, chat with her on Facebook here and send her a tweet here!

Here are two dishes I’m DYING to try from her arsenal of yummy recipes.

How cute are these berry popover pancakes? They look like they would make perfect additions to a brunch  menu! Check out the recipe here!

Dark chocolate cherry coconut bread, I mean really, need I say more? It looks so moist and delicious, I’d love a piece for breakfast! Check out the recipe here!

Now, excuse me while I make a big batch of sangria and eat some chocolate bread. Happy Friday!

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  1. Posted by Kelly on
    Friday, June 29th, 2012
    Thanks friend!!!  Looks fabulous and YES we need a wine night soon!! xoxo
  2. Posted by Fillip65 on
    Friday, June 29th, 2012
  3. Friday, June 29th, 2012
    Love both of these blogs -- these women are so inspiring! I saw that sangria and need to make it STAT. 
  4. Posted by PB and Peppers on
    Friday, June 29th, 2012
    Thank you so much Claire!  Your to sweet!!  I would of came her earlier, but my work blocked your blog from me.  Kelly's Sangria looks amazing!!!
  5. Posted by Peggy Garbe on
    Monday, July 2nd, 2012
    Love Kelly - but haven't heard of PB & Peppers - gonna go check her out now =)