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Lost Creek Winery

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Oh, Tuesday. You aren’t as bad as Monday but you aren’t as good as Wednesday. You are like the pet goldfish. No one hates you,  but no one really likes you. You just kinda sit there. Tuesday, that’s how I feel about you. However, Tuesday does bring with it some […]

How to Deal When Your Recipe Fails

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Before we begin, a little shameless self promotion. My first article on Skinny Benes is live on the amazing website She Knows. I’d love your feedback so check it out! I love food blogging. I do. It’s one of my FAVORITE parts of every day. I love editing photos, finding new […]

Nutrition in the News: Drink to be Thin and Obese boarding school

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There have been endless studies that have mentioned the negative side effects of alcohol to your health and only a few that actually address its benefits. I’m not saying that you should drink 5 vodka tonics or a bottle of wine a day, however, I am saying that light to moderate drinking actually […]