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Homemade Spinach Spaghetti

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It’s a beautiful morning. The sun peaking through the dead tree branches creates an almost eerie, yet magical glow. It’s a brand new day. I wish, though, in our lives, a brand new day was just that… truly brand new. I wish we didn’t wake up with the burdens of our past […]

Ravioli with Spinach, Bacon and Goat Cheese Recipe

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I feel like I need a disclaimer here. Friends? This dish? It’s not that good for you. And I’m sharing it anyway because you know what? Sometimes I eat unhealthy meals. GASP! CALL THE PRESSES!! GROUND-BREAKING NEWS! Sense a little sarcasm in that last paragraph? I’m only kidding, kind of. […]

Meal Makeover: Power Spinach Smoothie Recipe

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Hi friends! No, I didn’t forget about you! My life has been NUTS, literally NUTS this week. I overslept today and have 6 articles to write, and about 4 require cooking. I look pretty much like this right now. [Source] However, I am taking some time out to blog because y’all are […]