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Now What?

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I feel like I’ve been staring at this computer, the cursor’s blink the only thing decorating the blank screen, for what seems like days trying to write this post. It’s funny, you’d think the one announcing my divorce would have been harder to pen, but it’s this story that’s proving […]

26: A Big Year

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It’s official, I’m 26 today! I woke up to a dreary sky, unnecessarily high temperatures and hot, misty drizzle. Not exactly the best conditions to start a birthday. Then, of course, I got on the metro and the mood plummeted. Then, I made the wise decision of looking at my […]

The Dreaded 5 Letter Word (and Fall Winery Pics!)

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Just for the record, I am REALLY anxious about writing this post and it’s not the same anxiety I felt when writing this one about Weight Watchers or this one about my struggles with eating and drinking. This one is, if possible, harder because it makes me so vulnerable. I’m […]

Weekend Recap: Good Food, Good Wine & a Lesson

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You read that right folks, I’m gonna school you today. But don’t worry, you don’t need a number 2 pencil or calculator for this one. Just that big ol‘ noggin of yours 🙂 And since people don’t like to read (it’s just a fact), I’m going to share a bunch […]

My Realistic Life: A New Start

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Happy Thursday friends! I honestly can not believe how fast this week, THIS SUMMER, has flown by. It’s already the middle of July! Back to school commercials are taking over the air waves and fall clothes are already popping up in all of the big department stores. As much as […]

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