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Ooey Gooey Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes

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I apologize if I’m scarce this next week and a half. Our big event at work is next week and it’s GO GO GO time here! But, I promise I still love you. And I have some AMAZING, FAN-FREAKING TASTIC news to share, but I’ll hold off until after the event! I know, […]

Eat Skinny Be Skinny: Whole Wheat Pumpkin Beer Bread

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This, my friends, is the answer to the question I posed to you this morning on my Facebook page! Some of you were very close in your guesses with pumpkin! However, I sort of tricked you because I knew none of you would have guessed beer! This bread was made […]

Hallo-week: Fancy Carved Pumpkins

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Hallo-week continues friends and today I’m showcasing some seriously artistic pumpkins. Now, I’m not the best pumpkin carver [read, I don’t do it b/c I ruin it more often than not] so what the pumpkin looks like is always a result of Elliot’s twisted little mind. As you’ll see above, […]