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Creamy Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal & A Keurig Giveaway (NOW CLOSED)

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DC, you are a big ol’ fail whale. Remember how you freaked out because you thought we were going to get 14 feet of snow and in reality, we just got slushy rain? Oh, of course you do, it was yesterday! Basically, the government shut down and everyone thought the […]

Gluten-free Peanut Butter Pumpkin Donuts

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Need some last minute fun Halloween snacks? Check out my favorite creations on She Knows! Happy Halloween! Despite Sandy’s best intentions to ruin Halloween, I’m persevering and celebrating it like I do every year. Luckily we have power and heat, so I’m really thankful for that. I’m still praying for my NYC & Jersey […]

Light Pumpkin Spice Biscuits

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*Be sure to enter the Bob’s Red Mill giveaway, going on now!* Had my life worked out in the pattern it was supposed to and my lovely blog behave like I programmed it to, this wouldn’t be a new post. In fact, you would have oogled, ooohed and ahhed over […]

Almond & Olive Oil Muffins with a Greek Yogurt- Pumpkin Glaze

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Happy Friday! I’m currently en route to Grand Rapids, Michigan for the Taste of Michigan! I can’t wait to see the city (hear it’s awesome) and catch some pretty Michigan fall foliage. So holding down the fort for me today while I’m in the air is the beautiful, incredibly talented, […]

Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Cake for One (Indulgent Recipe)

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When it comes to chocolate, I’m not a good sharer. In fact, I will go out of my way to ensure no one touches my chocolate stashes or chocolate desserts. You remember that Friends episode where Joey blows a date because “Joey doesn’t share food?” Yeah, that’s me with chocolate. […]

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