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Mini Fruit Ice Cream Pies

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These mini fruit ice cream pies are an easy make-ahead dessert that will brighten up your Mother’s Day brunch or dinner! Plus, they are very low in calories thanks to the addition of Arctic Zero in place of Ice Cream! Do you guys want to hear something sad? I haven’t […]

Skinny Cocktails for Mother's Day

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Friday, I don’t think I’ve ever been happier to see your face. This week, as you may have picked up from yesterday’s post, was rough. Today isn’t proving to be much better. Lost an article I worked my butt off on yesterday and now have to re-do it. Thanks universe, […]

Eat Skinny: Low-fat Diner Style Biscuit

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I have many weaknesses when it comes to food. Like bacon, salted chocolate and goat cheese, to name a few. However, there is one food in particular that I, literally, have absolutely no control over when it’s around me. That food? Diner style biscuits. [Trendy diner shot! Source] I just […]