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Turkey Meatloaf with Low Sugar Cranberry Sauce

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Oh Monday. You snuck up too fast this week. How about you take that extra hour, sleep in and give me a few more weekend hours to enjoy? Although, can’t complain, it’s a short week for me! So, friends, how was your weekend? Fabulous? Relaxing? Wild? Mine was perfect. For one, […]

A Thanksgiving Food Tip: Arranging Your Plate

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Besides a day to give thanks, Thanksgiving is known for eating. Lots and lots of eating. Everyone loads up their plates with turkey, mashed potatoes, pie and casserole and eats until there’s not even a bite leftover. I’m not hating on the holiday, trust me, it’s nice to have a […]

Superfood of the Week: Sweet Potatoes + a recipe!

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Sweet potato casserole is one of my favorite holiday dishes! [via] I like to call this super food “a white potato’s sexier, more successful brother” for a few reasons. For one, I think sweet potatoes taste better than the original with their natural sweetness and flavor. Secondly, they are packed with more nutritional benefits than the white potato. […]