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Let’s Jam!

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Happy Friday friends, fans and followers! (I think they call that FFFFFFF). I’m really excited for today’s post because it involves one of my favorite things in the whole wide world. Well, my next favorite thing in the world. [photo via] MUSIC! Music inspires every second of every day for me, […]

WIWIWEW aka What I Wish I Was Eating Wednesday

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 Guys, I’ve had such an exciting morning at work. The day started REALLY crappy with a crazy downpour, a little snip with my hubby, dirt somehow getting on my dress and me spilling all over myself (coffee). However, it quickly perked up. I got to do something REALLY freakin’ cool […]

How to Deal When Your Recipe Fails

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Before we begin, a little shameless self promotion. My first article on Skinny Benes is live on the amazing website She Knows. I’d love your feedback so check it out! I love food blogging. I do. It’s one of my FAVORITE parts of every day. I love editing photos, finding new […]