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Avocado Giveaway Winner & The Jamaica Inn

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Hi guys! First of all, I’m finally announcing the winner of the avocado giveaway! Then, I’m talking about the Jamaica Inn. Wee!  Secondly, Happy Skinny Bitch Tuesday! Sadly, due to my INSANE schedule, I wasn’t able to partake, but please check out Stephanie, Jennifer, Michelle and Kelly’s versions of this week’s […]

Superfood of the Week: Avocados

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This green, soft and delicious superfood is more than just the main ingredient in guacamole, it’s chock full of health benefits and weight loss elixirs! The avocado is known as a fat fighter due to the fact that it is high in monounsaturated fats, or the good fats. According to SELF magazine, dieters who consumed […]