Our Wedding

Day 3: Become more 'DIY' oriented

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As much as I love doing things myself, I have a knack for pawning everything off to other people. Some call it laziness, I call it a lack of time. Don’t get me wrong, I love arts, crafts, home-made dinners and the like, but time is just not running parallel with me […]

Days 26: Going to the chapel and I'm…

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…going to get married! [I’m cheesy, I know]. But, as everyone should already know by now, I’m going to get married next spring and I’m really making some serious progress in my planning. Although there are still some aspects that are unknown, the big pieces of the puzzle are already […]

Days 19-22: My Pre-Wedding Nutrition Plan

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You want to be smiling on your wedding day, not worrying about whether you look “fat” in your dress! As I promised earlier, this post will contain my pre-wedding diet plan, which will help me lose those last few  pounds in a few short months before the wedding. However, this post also contains my new […]

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