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Five Things Friday: BIRTHDAY WEEKEND!!

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Oh, hey 26 years old. I see you hiding behind that little corner there. I know you are just so anxious to jump out and engulf me. Well, not yet. Give me just a few more days of 25, mmk?  Although I’m not a big “age” person, 26 is kind […]

Baked Green Bean Fries and “Good Living”

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Oh NELLY! There is a NIP in the air today! Yesterday it was 60 degrees at 8am and today it was 32. I’m sort of OVER the weather’s bi polar attitude lately. I just want it to STICK to one temperature. Preferably the colder one because I want some of this […]

Five Fabulous Gift Ideas for Foodies

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It’s the most wonderful time of the YEAR! (I say in my jubilant, opera singing voice). I’m definitely a certifiable Christmas junkie, but this is nothing new. My family does Christmas big. My grandma hosts a Christmas Eve party every year, in which my mom makes way too many appetizers […]

Weekend Wrap Up & Fabulous Foodie Gifts!

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Hi folks! My poor blog has been seriously neglected over the holiday. It’s like when you leave stuff in the fridge over a long weekend and come back to find it wilted, rotten and just, well, pathetic. I’m sorry bloggy and bloggy friends for leaving you alone for so very […]

A Lesson on Living in the Moment

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Whew! What a whirlwind week this has been, for both my personal life and my professional. I need to first thank you all for being awesome people, reading everyday and just being here for me. My virtual community has really become such a strong part of who I am and I […]

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