10 Amazing Cookies for Christmas

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Oh hi Christmas, didn’t see you there!

As ready as I am for you, I’m still shocked you’re already HERE. I will say though, I’ve been dreaming of you since November and have been humming your popular songs, decorating your tree and wrapping your presents all month long. You’ve been in my mind forever, but it’s just still so shocking how fast you snuck up on me!

In all honesty friends, I’m completely on top of my life everywhere else but this little piece of the internet.  I have my Christmas cards sent, my recipes bookmarked for Christmas Eve and all of Dahlia’s presents bought and en route. I’ve managed to send out pitches for new work and have submitted my invoices for all of my freelance work. The only place I’m struggling to get caught up on is this blog!

But instead of beating myself up like I usually do, I’m going to just move on with life. I mean, it’s 2020. The fact I’m still alive (thankfully), healthy and able to work is all that matters. So here you are, my darling friends, some cookies to drool over as you get ready to celebrate the holiday – however that looks. Here are 10 of some of my all-time favorites, including some classics and some re-imagined from my years as a recipe creator. 

Whether you’re zooming with your family, are lucky enough to get to see them this year, are celebrating with your quarantine pod or are spending the holidays solo, cookies are the answer to everything. End of story.

Lemon Rosemary Sugar Cookie Sandwiches


Rosemary is one of my favorite herbs to use, and not only in savory dishes. The addition of this earthy and flavor packed herb to these soft, chewy and tangy lemon sugar cookies totally takes these up a major notch. Plus the soft & sweet buttercream in the middle balances out the boldness of both the lemon and rosemary. Grab the recipe on SheKnows!

Pretty red & green pinwheels

16x9 (1)

These are one of my favorite cookies because of how cute they are. As creative as I am in the kitchen, not all of my attempts at adorable holiday desserts always turn out. These, however, turned out even better than I could have anticipated. Grab the recipe on SheKnows!

Spicy hot chocolate cookies


How can you not love a double chocolate cookie that tastes like your favorite wintertime drink? Even though I love these for the fact that they’re loaded with chocolate, my favorite ingredient is actually one you can’t see! These are made with a dash of spice (cayenne and chili pepper), giving every bite a fun little zing. Grab the recipe on SheKnows!

Cookie butter kisses


In my family, you just can’t have Christmas without a kiss cookie. My mom makes them every single year and I don’t think I’ve ever celebrate the holiday without one (or 5). I made my own version of this classic treat with luscious cookie butter instead of peanut butter last year, and holy cow were they amazing. I might just have to recreate them for Ol’ St. Nick this year! Grab the recipe here!

Milk & Cookie cupcakes (not quite cookies, but just as tasty!)


Okay so this isn’t technically a cookie, but it is stuffed with cookie dough and topped with little cookies, so it kind of counts, right? These amazing cupcakes are a dream for any cookie lover and are so freakin’ cute to boot. Surprisingly enough, they are easy to make as well so a batch might be perfect for Santa! Grab the recipe here on SheKnows!

Soft and chewy peanut butter cookies

Peanut butter cookies are my love language, and these whole wheat ones are no different. Soft, chewy and so freaking delicious, it’s so hard to eat just one. But hey, it’s the holidays and we’re all about that indulgent life, so why stop at one? These also make a great gift for those looking for a slightly healthier Christmas cookie! Grab the recipe here.

Chewy peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies (egg free!)

I know, an egg-free cookie seems like an abomination. But, hear me out. These are TO DIE FOR. They’re literally the softest cookies I’ve ever made. They’re like eating little chocolate and peanut butter filled pillows. These aren’t necessarily holiday-themed, but they taste like heaven. Pure, chocolate heaven. Grab the recipe here.

Roasted Banana and Rum Cookies

You had me at rum, baby. Jokes aside, you’ll call these crack cookies, because they’re that good. Made with roasted bananas, these are like an easier-to-eat version of Bananas Foster. Or a bite-size version of boozy banana bread. Whatever you want to call them, I can guarantee you’ll want to eat all of them, so plan on tripling the recipe. Grab the recipe here.

Gingerbread Cookie Bars

As someone who doesn’t love gingerbread, I love these bars. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve grown to love gingerbread a little bit more than I did as a kid. These don’t taste like the traditional cookies, either. They’re moist and soft (almost like cake), but with a rich density of brownies. Add frosting and these might be your new favorite holiday dessert. Grab the recipe here.

Whole Wheat Sugar Cookie Bars

I didn’t mean to put two cookie bars are the bottom of the list, mostly because these are two of my favorite recipes. These soft sugar cookie bars taste like those famed Lofthouse cookies, except so much lighter and made without those pesky additives. If you want, omit the rainbow sprinkles for holiday ones and add a dash of eggnog to the frosting instead of cream. You’ll thank me later. Grab the recipe here.

Happy Holidays, y’all. Now go eat about 10,000 cookies because you’ve survived 2020, and that’s something to be proud of.

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