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Insanely Easy Pumpkin French Toast

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I have an addiction, and it’s commonly known as horror movie-itis. And now that Halloween is just 2 days away, I’m binging as much as possible. As in, the only thing I can have on when I’m home is something scary. But this is not news to anyone who knows me, […]

Challah French Toast

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I didn’t try a fresh slice of challah bread until the first Thanksgiving my husband and I spent together. You see, he was raised Jewish, so he grew up eating loaves of it. As soon as I took my first bite of the fluffy, eggy bread, my life was changed. […]

Sponsor Shout Out: Fabulous Foodie Friends

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I’M NOW TAKING AUGUST SPONSORS! LEARN MORE HERE!  Gawwwdd, is anyone else just SO happy it’s Friday? I mean this week. This week was…dumb. Just a big ball of frustration. But, alas it’s over and I’m excited for the weekend. So friends, let’s get this weekend started with a bang […]