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Light Nutella Eggnog

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Yes, it’s real. Eggnog and Nutella. Together. Intimately. Sharing the same bed. Kissing all the time. Yep. These two saucy little lovers are together at last. And you know what? After how damn delicious a glass of this tastes, I’m going to say they are going to be lovahs for […]

Happy Christmas!

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  Holy cow, Christmas is 2 days away!! Can you believe it? Luckily all my shopping is done and all I have left to do is help cook, bake and prepare the Christmas Eve and Christmas morning menu! Which, to me, sounds perfect! Plus, my darling cousin is in culinary […]

Five Things Friday: BIRTHDAY WEEKEND!!

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Oh, hey 26 years old. I see you hiding behind that little corner there. I know you are just so anxious to jump out and engulf me. Well, not yet. Give me just a few more days of 25, mmk?¬† Although I’m not a big “age” person, 26 is kind […]

11 Sweets for Santa: Roasted Banana Bars

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On the 11th day of Christmas, I baked Santa something sweet, something flavorful and healthy, a perfect pre-sleigh ride treat; I used some freshly riped bananas, a little dash of¬†butter cream, topped them off with brown butter frosting, creating a dessert fit for a dream; I don’t know about Santa, […]

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