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Eat Skinny: Healthy Shrimp Pasta Recipe

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Howdy, y’all! How goes it? I hope everyone had a fabulous 4th of July!  We had a great one here in Charleston. [For some pics of my week, check out my instagram feed!] Today’s plan is to go out on the boat all day but i couldn’t possibly do that […]

Eat Skinny: Light Peanut Butter Jelly Bars Recipe

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Guys, do I have the best 2 days of your bloggy blog life EVER coming up. For one, I have a delicious recipe for peanut butter jelly bars for your viewing pleasure today. Secondly, I’m sharing the Robert Irvine interview tomorrow AND doing a giveaway! Wahoo! Free stuff! So please […]

Eat Skinny: Whole Wheat Carrot Pancakes Recipe

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Happy day after a long weekend, friends! I would say Tuesday but I’m sure that sums it up better. How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was good. Did some crafting, some gardening, some hiking. In addition, I also made these amazing whole wheat carrot pancakes. But, before we hop on over […]

Eat Skinny: Tofu Scramble Recipe with Kraft Singles

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Happy Friday guys! It’s not just Friday, it’s Memorial Day Weekend Friday, which means a LONG weekend for many of us! Many of us doesn’t include me since I work for myself. Boo. Either way, thought I’d kick off the weekend with an AWESOME breakfast that’s delicious and vegetarian, tofu […]

Eat Skinny: Mini Strawberry & Rhubarb Pies

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One only more day until the long weekend, can you hold out? I’ll be honest, I’m having trouble getting motivated this morning. But, I’ve got things to do, a phone interview to tackle and this delicious recipe to share! Yep, that’s a mini pie you see right there! One filled with strawberries, rhubarb and […]

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